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We are Looking for Travel Bloggers - Join Our Team!

Think you might be interested in joining the Travel Arrows Team? In 2014, expanded from stories written just by little ol’ me to include a fabulous group of travel bloggers. Each of us brings a unique voice, perspective and travel experience to the site. We are ready to grow our team again. If you love writing, photography, social media, and traveling with kids…read on!

Why Write for Travel Arrows

Be one of a select number of bloggers writing for one of the world’s most beginning travel blog. Travel Arrows currently receives 1000+ page views per month and consistently we are in increase of rankings among the top travel blogs according to Google Analytics data. With your help, I expect the site to continue to grow in popularity and reach.

Ability to pitch travel companies (hotels, attractions, visitors bureaus) for discounted or “free” travel as a Travel Arrows contributor for all lovable stories. (Remember: there is no such thing as a paid lunch! )

Up to five links back to you from each post such as (1) Personal blog link, (1) Promotion link and (3) Social media outlets will be included on the About Our Team page along with your photo and bio.

You have an opportunity to get some paid out on your post, but if it get popular and bring any return of cost via ad sense on your post, We calculate your paid amount in 50% share value from total cost. Mean while, our team will work on sharing and promoting your every post through online popular social networks. You just want to send high quality and great voice content about your travel experience.

Your Responsibilities as a Contributor.

Monthly we are looking for 2 posts from your side with about any possible current popular destinations or from your recent vacation experience. 2+ posts per month should be appreciate officially and you will get increase in CPC as extra 10% - then you totally 60% share on each CPC clicks on your post ads.

Failure in 2 posts per month will results in lower than 50% share into 40% - so you will lost 10% share from your CPC clicks on your post. 

Eye catching title with 650 + words content info about your travel experience - 5+ own pics should be good to know your reality of travel experience too. Keep sharing your experience.

Our Responsibilities to Contributor.

We will review your every post content before posting, will keep your post in smart & professional look with images. I promise you, we keep the ads at right place in your every post to get increase in clicks & CPC.

Offically we do sharing & other website promotions to increase the ads clicks & CPC to get you the high paid per month. You will receive a offical mail of you recent clicks & CPC stats. Mostly you will get paid after you reach the threshold of $30 on your posts.

If it all goes well, we have an upgrade plan to who getting the paid quickly in this program twice of $30 per month. A plan is selecting two real contibutors to travel to Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India for 4 days trip with free accommodation + free foods + free local activities. Exclude of flight tickets & your other activities too..

Lets work together to  achieve the goal of trip & CPC on your post. Don't Miss it - Contact us now !!! or via email id:
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