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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Vietnam Tour

Not only is Vietnam one of the fastest developing countries in Southeast Asia, but scenically it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So we are happy to share some useful information about the reasons for traveling to Vietnam.A nation rooted in tradition and culture, this country promises mystery and adventure at the turn of every corner, so be sure to leave no stone upturned when you embark on a Vietnam tour. With the true beauty of this country reignited after decades of war during the 20th century, Vietnam has undergone dozens of multi million dollar investments from the government to improve the infrastructure, transportation and health systems. The result is a modern nation which remains backboned by its elegant traditions, resplendent scenery and flavor some cuisine. There are many reasons why you should consider a Vietnam tour, however some of the most predominant are listed below.

Low crime rates

- You can always be sure of your safety during a Vietnam tour as this country is one of the lowest in the region as far as the crime rates are considered. Although you should always practice a little common sense regarding your safety and possessions, the government have established a very peaceful community throughout all parts of the country. Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City are the popular cities in Vietnam, which is called as charming cities in Vietnam.

Truly majestic countryside

- In light of the fact that agriculture is one of the primary breadwinners here, most of the countryside is well preserved and boasts incredible beauty. A Tour to Vietnam will open your eyes to just how stunning this country is. What's more, many citizens of the hill tribes fought alongside the Americans during the war, something which will prove to be interesting an educational for the culture vultures and history buffs.

Convenient transportation

- Transportation here is incredibly cheap and is in plentiful supply. Long bus journeys will rarely cost you more than a few dollars during your Vietnam tour and the motorbike taxis are cheap as well as being a convenient way of weaving through the traffic. Ho Chi Minh is still a fast expanding city and also Ho Chi Minh's international airport is a large one. Also have best flights to Ho Chi Minh city from various destinations at cheap rates.

Cheap living costs

- If you're looking for a Vietnam Tour on a budget, you won't struggle as this country offers a great deal of accommodation which will be friendly on your purse or wallet. Wherever in the country you are residing, you will be able to find dorm rooms for an average of five dollars a night, or if you would prefer something more private, you'll rarely after exceed 20 or 30 dollars, unless you are looking for absolute luxury. Food will also be immensely cheap during your trip in Vietnam, so make sure you delve into as many street food vendors as possible. Bread "Banh Mi" for example will cost no more than a dollar and is a delightful and delicious snack to enjoy at any time of day.

Best Reasons for Traveling to Vietnam

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


There are lot of natural beauties in this universe, but still some of the places are Blockbuster even those who are not yet visit the places of heaven. I am not yet visited , but over come with the list, we thought like visit many times to these places and also interested to move again and again with these 15 top places to take a tour before die too. Keep these list in your mind, when you planned to have a trip any places in the world. 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


2. Cleft Island Skull Rock, Australia


3. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan


4. Burano, near Venice, Italy


5. Værøy, Norway


6. Castlepoint, New Zealand


7. Chartreuse Mountains, France


8. The Door to Hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan


9. Sorrento, southern Italy


10. Dubrovnik, Croatia


11. Portofino, Italy


12. Machu Picchu, Peru


13. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway


14. St Kilda, Scotland


15. Uvac River Canyon, Serbia


Don't miss such like tour trip to best 15 places before die. I am too waiting with this list.

15 Places Everyone Should Take a Tour Before Die

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Do you cherish air skimming, bungee jumping or other fun exercises? Is it true that you are not the kind of individual to go lie on a beach, or do you lean toward gutsy occasions with an extraordinary kick? At that point you ought to look at our list of 5 top Bungee Jumping Destinations that won't just offer you an extraordinary adrenaline surge additionally incredible scenes and social exercises.

Are you ready for the jump from peak height? Then book cheap flights from the UK now and enjoy an incredible holiday that you won't forget that fast!

1. Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

This destination is on the South Island and near to Queenstown, which implies that you could take a decent outing to the capital city and its lovely surroundings to then round off your excursion with that exceptional bungee jump!

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2. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls Bridge, which is at the outskirt in the middle of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Couple that with entrancing African culture and scenes – and your excursion will be life-changin.

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3. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Prepared for some James Bond feel? At that point, you ought to completely jump down the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. Other than being situated in an extremely decent range of the nation and moderately near to towns like Lugano or Ascona.

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4. Extremo Park, Costa Rica

Bungee bouncing in the wilderness? That is conceivable in Costa Rica! Look at the Extremo Park, in which you don't generally jump – you slide down more than a progression of cables.

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5. Macau Tower, China

You may not yet have known, but rather there exists a plausibility to bungee jump off a tower in Macau. Take a jump off the Macau Tower and round off your excursion with a supper in the building.

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List of 5 Top Bungee Jumping Destinations

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

“A friend texted while I was there to say: “Be careful. Moscow is bad for your soul.” He’s wrong. It’s not bad for your soul, but I bet it could be very bad for your marriage, your bank balance and your gentleman’s area”, Jeremy Clarkson writes about the capital of Russia.

Moscow loves money and wants every tourist to spend it with both hands. Beware – you'll be forced to buy expensive matreshkas in Arbat street and luxury staff in GUM (“Russian Harrods”), and than try even more expensive borsch in a fancy restaurant (tourists only). It can be a pretty nice plan however it hardly gives you a sense of “real Russia”. Act like a local – and you'll see a brand new Moscow, city of endless nights, secret places and crazy people.

Eat local

The situation with national food restaurants in Moscow has been terrible in the past two years, but now it's changing. However we still prefer to eat traditional food at home. In the city centre you'll find several English pubs, dozens of sushi and pizza restaurants and almost no Russian food. We'd rather meet in a French cafe “Jean Jacques” (“Жан-Жак”) than go for caviar pancakes. There are several cheap Russian food chains – Yolki Palki, MUMU and Teremok, but we go there only if unexpected hunger catches us somewhere in the street or we are invited by people from cities far away from Moscow.

Moscovites don't really like a famous Cafe Pushkin either. It's posh, expensive and full of tourists. If you want something glamorous, rich and Russian (but tasty and atmospheric), you'd better try Alexandr Rappoport's Dr.Zhivago in the heart of the city. 
In summertime you definitely should eat in one of the Moscow's terrace cafes and bars like Time Out and Strelka.

... And don't regret sushi, it's a part of our culture now. 

Drink local

Moscow never sleeps, say the locals. In the middle of the night you can cut your hair, or buy a bike at the Sportmaster store, or wash your car. And of course you can have a perfect night out. Russians are considered to be the best drinkers in the world and we try to keep the name of the World's drinking capital.

If you want to dance and drink in the relaxed atmosphere, сhoose the area near Krasny Oktyabr (Red October), former chocolate factory turned into a huge business centre with clubs, bars and art galleries.

Do Russians drink vodka? Yes, we do. But an image of a drunk Russian who can drink a bottle is nothing more than a stereotype. Moscovites from middle and upper-middle class would rather drink a glass whiskey or a cocktail, than a shot of vodka.

...But if you still want to drink vodka with a Russian, remember not to sip. Never. Ever. 

Love Nature

Most of the Moscovites love to spend time out of town. We are so tired of Moscow, its buzz and crowds of people that survive in a traffic jam every Friday to get to our dachas. Yes, most of us have a summer cottage (dacha) or – at least – friends or relatives that own one. Ridiculously, dacha is not a place where you can relax. Once you buy it you start to build, plant, clean, gather, etc, etc. But the fun you can get covers all the the inconveniences of living far from town. Russian baths, shashlik (kebab), drunk-swimming in the river – you can have it all. So if you are invited to spend a weekend at a friends' dacha, don't refuse.

...And yes, dacha is a right place to drink vodka.

Walk local

If you want to unwind, go to one of the famous Moscow's parks. They are not as green as  London's famous parks or as big as New York's Central Park. But they still have an atmosphere. 
Gorky park is the capital's central park. A couple of years ago it was renovated  and now it has a free wi-fi zone, lots of space for sport and recreation and even its own beach. The Garage museum is also located there – and it's a good place to visit after The Tretyakov gallery and The Pushkin museum. 
Tsaritsyno park preserves a unique palace of Catherine the Great and other magnificent points of interest, and Kolomenskoye is famous for the Ascension church (1532, also known as The White Column), which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Say no to stereotypes

It is said that Moscow is a very dangerous place. True, like any other big city. It is said that Moscovites are rude and unfriendly. No, some of us are just a bit shy not to speek good English. 
It is said that Russian policemen can stop you in the metro and ask for documents. Yes, they can, but believe, they are more interested in illegal immigrants than tourists. It is said it's very cold in Moscow. Yes, we have colder winters than in Europe, but hot summers – +25 – + 35 degrees. 
Open your mind and you will fall in love with Moscow – enigmatic and majestic Russia's capital. 

Act like a local: Moscow - Be Careful. Moscow is Bad.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Have you ever been to Scotland? If you have not visited Scotland ever, then you will find a few things extremely surprising about this country. Here are some interesting things about Scotland which I’m sure you didn’t know earlier.

Scotland Has More Than 790 Offshore Islands

When I planned to book my tickets for business class flight to Scotland, I first researched about Scotland. I came to find out that there were more than 790 offshore islands and I wanted to explore every one of them because they were unique. In the end I decided to only visit a few islands which were in the outer and inner Hebrides.

The Food Is Not Only About Black Pudding

Well after all I have heard about Scotland; I want to tell you that Scotland is not only about Haggis or Black Pudding. There are many other tasty things in Scotland that are worth trying. There is a wide variety of fresh and local seafood, delicious Shepherd’s pies, Asian food etc. In fact you will find it strange but I also tried Indian food, “BhelPuri” and “VadaPav” and I must say the Indians know how to cook.

Trails That Comprise Of Buses And Ferries

We all know that when you are traveling one of the biggest problems that come across is the traveling expenditure. But when I traveled to Scotland I found out that there are many ferry trips and bus services available for different remote areas. These services are cheap and a good way to see around the country. There are also many traveling and tour guide companies in Scotland that offer these services.

Hostels On The Islands

My biggest fear for traveling to Scotland was about the accommodation, I thought I had to spend hundreds of dollar on accommodation, but I was surprised and glad to find out that there were many islands that offered hostel services. The best ones which I found out were the Dervaig hostel present on the Isle of Mull and Dunard Hostel located on the Barra.

The Big 5

In 2013, Scotland was celebrating the Natural Year of Scotland, so they made a list of the most loved wildlife in Scotland. The list contained the best five animals which were: red deer, red squirrel, otter, harbor seal and golden eagle. In 2014 they were planning to turn it into best seven and include the Heilan Coo’s and Puffins.

Here was what I discovered and loved about Scotland, this time I only visited a few islands of Scotland but next time I plan to hit other beautiful islands too.

5 Things You Never Knew About Scotland

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Indonesia also called as Republic of Indonesia with comprising of thousands number of small & larger Islands which holds some evergreen adventures lands on earth. Indonesia still has numerous unexplored islands with excellent mountain perspectives, green rainforests to trek through, moving waves to surf and dark blue flawless oceans to make the plunge where one can swim with dugongs, dolphins and expansive mantarays. A best options to compare your flights to Jakarta, Indonesia at one place.

There are most popular islands help you to discover in Indonesia such as

1. Sumatra Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - largest island
 - 6th largest island in the World

2. Java Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - populous island on Earth

3. Bali Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - popular resort towns
 - yoga and meditation retreats

4. Borneo Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - largest island in Asia
 - third-largest island in the world

5. Sulawesi Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - world's eleventh-largest island
 - between Borneo and the Maluku Islands

6. Maluku Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - Archipelago in Indonesia

7. Derawan Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 -  East Kalimantan in Indonesia

8. Weh Island

 - Island in Sabang, Indonesia
 - small active volcanic island
 - 2 hours by ferry from mainland

Discover Thousands of Islands in Indonesia

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Top 150 Secret Destinations. Without expert advice, falling into the local tourist traps can be all too easy. Our 57,000+ members provide others with local tips and advice, from the best restaurants and bars to the most interesting museums and galleries from top 150 secret destinations. We've analysed more than 700,000 of these tips, and compiled a list of the most popular recommendations. Check out our definitive guide to the world's top secret destinations, and holiday like a local.

At home you are the ultimate tour guide. You know where to go for the best coffee and which restaurant servers the tastiest pasta in town. But on vacation, it can be tricky to know where to go to - without falling into the usual tourist traps. This is the definitive guide to the world's top secret holiday destinations - by the people who know them best.

Top 150 Secret Destinations for your Holidays

Monday, 4 May 2015

MAY month is a lovely time for exploring the countryside & hill stations to make a cool vacation, this is also the time to go. Everyone has looking for very good weather on destinations to visit in holiday vacations and also an affordable destination. There are some lovely top 10 holiday destinations to explore this time of May month that are almost worth a look, as well as cover your affordable rates. So we hope, such list will give you some idea's to collect your perfect holiday destinations.

1. Tuscany - Italian region

Hill Towns & mountains

2. Bilbao - Spain 

Mix of Modern and Traditional

3. Crete - Greece's Island

Fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains & Without the Crowds

4. Algarve - Portugal’s 

Weather is Great - Sunny Mediterranean Climate 

5. Cape Verde - Africa

Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands

6. Scottish Highlands - Scotland

Warming up Nicely

7. Istanbul - Turkey

Glittering Mosques & Christian mosaics.

8. Philippines - Philippines 

Volcanic Peaks & White Sand Beach

9. Bahamas - North America

Lounge on Palm-Fringed Beaches

10. Pacific coast - Pacific Ocean.

Old School Style on Mexico's

Lovely 10 Holiday Destinations - May Month

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