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Monday, 11 May 2015

Discover Thousands of Islands in Indonesia

The Indonesia also called as Republic of Indonesia with comprising of thousands number of small & larger Islands which holds some evergreen adventures lands on earth. Indonesia still has numerous unexplored islands with excellent mountain perspectives, green rainforests to trek through, moving waves to surf and dark blue flawless oceans to make the plunge where one can swim with dugongs, dolphins and expansive mantarays. A best options to compare your flights to Jakarta, Indonesia at one place.

There are most popular islands help you to discover in Indonesia such as

1. Sumatra Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - largest island
 - 6th largest island in the World

2. Java Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - populous island on Earth

3. Bali Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - popular resort towns
 - yoga and meditation retreats

4. Borneo Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - largest island in Asia
 - third-largest island in the world

5. Sulawesi Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - world's eleventh-largest island
 - between Borneo and the Maluku Islands

6. Maluku Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - Archipelago in Indonesia

7. Derawan Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 -  East Kalimantan in Indonesia

8. Weh Island

 - Island in Sabang, Indonesia
 - small active volcanic island
 - 2 hours by ferry from mainland

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