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Friday, 22 May 2015

Have you ever been to Scotland? If you have not visited Scotland ever, then you will find a few things extremely surprising about this country. Here are some interesting things about Scotland which I’m sure you didn’t know earlier.

Scotland Has More Than 790 Offshore Islands

When I planned to book my tickets for business class flight to Scotland, I first researched about Scotland. I came to find out that there were more than 790 offshore islands and I wanted to explore every one of them because they were unique. In the end I decided to only visit a few islands which were in the outer and inner Hebrides.

The Food Is Not Only About Black Pudding

Well after all I have heard about Scotland; I want to tell you that Scotland is not only about Haggis or Black Pudding. There are many other tasty things in Scotland that are worth trying. There is a wide variety of fresh and local seafood, delicious Shepherd’s pies, Asian food etc. In fact you will find it strange but I also tried Indian food, “BhelPuri” and “VadaPav” and I must say the Indians know how to cook.

Trails That Comprise Of Buses And Ferries

We all know that when you are traveling one of the biggest problems that come across is the traveling expenditure. But when I traveled to Scotland I found out that there are many ferry trips and bus services available for different remote areas. These services are cheap and a good way to see around the country. There are also many traveling and tour guide companies in Scotland that offer these services.

Hostels On The Islands

My biggest fear for traveling to Scotland was about the accommodation, I thought I had to spend hundreds of dollar on accommodation, but I was surprised and glad to find out that there were many islands that offered hostel services. The best ones which I found out were the Dervaig hostel present on the Isle of Mull and Dunard Hostel located on the Barra.

The Big 5

In 2013, Scotland was celebrating the Natural Year of Scotland, so they made a list of the most loved wildlife in Scotland. The list contained the best five animals which were: red deer, red squirrel, otter, harbor seal and golden eagle. In 2014 they were planning to turn it into best seven and include the Heilan Coo’s and Puffins.

Here was what I discovered and loved about Scotland, this time I only visited a few islands of Scotland but next time I plan to hit other beautiful islands too.

5 Things You Never Knew About Scotland

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Indonesia also called as Republic of Indonesia with comprising of thousands number of small & larger Islands which holds some evergreen adventures lands on earth. Indonesia still has numerous unexplored islands with excellent mountain perspectives, green rainforests to trek through, moving waves to surf and dark blue flawless oceans to make the plunge where one can swim with dugongs, dolphins and expansive mantarays. A best options to compare your flights to Jakarta, Indonesia at one place.

There are most popular islands help you to discover in Indonesia such as

1. Sumatra Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - largest island
 - 6th largest island in the World

2. Java Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - populous island on Earth

3. Bali Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - popular resort towns
 - yoga and meditation retreats

4. Borneo Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - largest island in Asia
 - third-largest island in the world

5. Sulawesi Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - world's eleventh-largest island
 - between Borneo and the Maluku Islands

6. Maluku Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 - Archipelago in Indonesia

7. Derawan Island

 - Island in Indonesia
 -  East Kalimantan in Indonesia

8. Weh Island

 - Island in Sabang, Indonesia
 - small active volcanic island
 - 2 hours by ferry from mainland

Discover Thousands of Islands in Indonesia

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