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A Pinoy Traveller's Thoughts

A Pinoy Traveller's Thoughts

I’m sure I’m not alone on this, thoughts while on a full time job:
I dream of travelling
I dream because back then I thought I can never afford it, whether it’s the lack of time, or the lack of the money, or worst, the lack of courage to let go of worries.

One day, I was running out on of all of them; no job, the feeling of getting older sinking in, I’m not sure how I did it with the worry part though, but somehow I did it.

I was based in Bangkok for two years to begin with, after my contract ended as a full time Art Teacher, I booked a flight to Singapore; I had few reasons why Singapore, none of them really concrete.

  • It was the first country I ever visited
  • I recalled
  • Coming from the Philippines, I was just so blown away to see first world country stuff:
  • Of course I went to the most touristy tourist spots first
  • There I saw empowering buildings, display cars that are actually running, different skinned Asians, even the trees look sassier, they seemed to grow in order
  • It was just overwhelming to my senses
  • Best of all, I was spending dollars that didn’t feel expensive; it felt like a dream come true.

As far as I know, I am one of the remaining few that doesn’t depend on Google maps (yet), I like the old school way, I read the local maps and ask people, asking people is the best, but sometimes not very preferable when it comes to big cities, (where most people are lost as well), I learned that later on, but I still do, if you get lucky, you’ll make friends along the way.

All these online help wasn’t the “thing” yet when I first travelled here
But it was already that convenient, all stops would have their own maps, people generally would know where places are, and it wasn’t like your in the desert, everything you see is already like going to the malls in the Philippines.

Another reason is friends, like really a lot of them are in here, If I wanted to meet them all I’d probably need a year to that buts since I’m only here for a couple of weeks, I’ve only meet maybe half of them, yup I’m that friendly.
I can probably imagine how less cool Filipinos are now in our country, knowing that my friends are all here.

I also travelled to write, believe or not, I have few things that I really love to do but somehow I have to push myself to do it, writing is one of them.

But today, right now, I am infinite!

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