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Best Reasons for Traveling to Vietnam

Vietnam Tour

Not only is Vietnam one of the fastest developing countries in Southeast Asia, but scenically it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So we are happy to share some useful information about the reasons for traveling to Vietnam.A nation rooted in tradition and culture, this country promises mystery and adventure at the turn of every corner, so be sure to leave no stone upturned when you embark on a Vietnam tour. With the true beauty of this country reignited after decades of war during the 20th century, Vietnam has undergone dozens of multi million dollar investments from the government to improve the infrastructure, transportation and health systems. The result is a modern nation which remains backboned by its elegant traditions, resplendent scenery and flavor some cuisine. There are many reasons why you should consider a Vietnam tour, however some of the most predominant are listed below.

Low crime rates

- You can always be sure of your safety during a Vietnam tour as this country is one of the lowest in the region as far as the crime rates are considered. Although you should always practice a little common sense regarding your safety and possessions, the government have established a very peaceful community throughout all parts of the country. Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City are the popular cities in Vietnam, which is called as charming cities in Vietnam.

Truly majestic countryside

- In light of the fact that agriculture is one of the primary breadwinners here, most of the countryside is well preserved and boasts incredible beauty. A Tour to Vietnam will open your eyes to just how stunning this country is. What's more, many citizens of the hill tribes fought alongside the Americans during the war, something which will prove to be interesting an educational for the culture vultures and history buffs.

Convenient transportation

- Transportation here is incredibly cheap and is in plentiful supply. Long bus journeys will rarely cost you more than a few dollars during your Vietnam tour and the motorbike taxis are cheap as well as being a convenient way of weaving through the traffic. Ho Chi Minh is still a fast expanding city and also Ho Chi Minh's international airport is a large one. Also have best flights to Ho Chi Minh city from various destinations at cheap rates.

Cheap living costs

- If you're looking for a Vietnam Tour on a budget, you won't struggle as this country offers a great deal of accommodation which will be friendly on your purse or wallet. Wherever in the country you are residing, you will be able to find dorm rooms for an average of five dollars a night, or if you would prefer something more private, you'll rarely after exceed 20 or 30 dollars, unless you are looking for absolute luxury. Food will also be immensely cheap during your trip in Vietnam, so make sure you delve into as many street food vendors as possible. Bread "Banh Mi" for example will cost no more than a dollar and is a delightful and delicious snack to enjoy at any time of day.
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