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A Trip from Quito to Otavalo Market and its Facts

Otavalo is a next little town and Otavalo market was located in Ecuador, the South America. The town Otavalo is most well known for its indigenous populace development. Otavalo market is simply the place to offer their possessed items like woolen materials, wood created items, music instruments etc,... Otavalo individuals' are in a special clothing regulation like, for men: white pants with dull poncho and for ladies: dark skirt and white shirt with vivid weaving and also she wear a waistband, by the way you can easily stretch distinguished the nearby Otavalos.

Otavalo Market

From Quito to Otavalo Market

Numerous voyagers are keeping stress on their arrangement to Otavalo market from Quito transport. In reality its a simple outing, on the off chance that you at the opportune time at Quito. We generally travel to Otavalo market from Quito at the early morning, ordinary Quito transport works at the season of 6 AM and ceased at 6 PM. We incline toward and I prescribe you to take trip at early morning will bother free from any delude. Add up to one-way travel time it takes 2-3 hours to achieve Otavalo market from Quito terminals.

Bus routes to Otavalo Market and their prices

Bus frequency: Every 2 hours from Carcelen

Terminal 1:

Carcelen (North of Quito) - dropped at Calle Atahualpa & Jacinto Collahuazo (Qtavalo)
Price: $2.70 per ride + $0.20 a terminal entry fee as Jan 2018

Carcelen (North of Quito) - Terminal 1

Terminal 2:

Part 1:  La Ofelia - dropped at Carcelen (North of Quito)
Price: $2.20 per ride + $0.20 a terminal entry fee as Jan 2018

Part 2:  (North of Quito) - dropped at Calle Atahualpa & Jacinto Collahuazo (Qtavalo)
Price: $2.70 per ride + $0.20 a terminal entry fee as Jan 2018

La Ofelia - Terminal 2

Absolutely, it cost you $5.30 per one-way from terminal 2 to Otavalo market. A taxi will cost you bit huge from this transport passages, roughly it will be $7-9 for each way. Bus is the best for spending go with some gave careful consideration on your stops and things from neighborhood explorers. Taxi be a best for luxury trip without additional pressure. I suggest you the both ,it depends upon your financial plan and quality. If you are looking for flights to Quito from out of Quito, just have a try as same as we did on our trip from, we are extremely showed us a more options cheap flights to Quito from London. Enjoy your fly.

Otavalo Market Days

Otavalo markets are open all days in seven days. Most famous days are on just two days, that is on Saturday is huge market day in Otavalo and the second larget day is on Wednesday. They settled those two days is the Otavalo market days according to with more business exercises. On those days, the market spaces are loaded with countless sellers, items and customers, moreover, there are heaps of pickpockets burglaries will accessible there, because of crowd offers.

Otavalo Market - Pan Flute

Otalavo Market - Saturday

On the non-market day, rest of those two days, less measure of sellers ,shoppers and items. So the non-market days are greatly improved for vacationers and expats to keep away from issues with pickpockets and then some. Be that as it may, all days the identical items and stalls are opened and offers as typical.

Otavalo Ecuador Elevation

The downtown area is situated at 8345 feet (2543 meters) above ocean level. 

Do you have to stress over this rise? While intense mountain sickness (AMS) can happen over 8000 feet (2400 meters), a great many people can rise to this rise without trouble. Amid the six years we lived in Ecuador, height infection was relatively unfathomable at this rise. A few people encounter tiredness for a couple of days. On the off chance that you have a particular medical issue or are uncertain in the event that you can deal with this, talk with your specialist before movement.


Otavalo Ecuador Elevation

Adjacent Imbabura Volcano rises 15,190 feet (4630 meters) above ocean level.

Otavalo Map

Here's a diagram map of the Otavalo region – demonstrating the real attractions. Picture possessed by Otavalo Tourism – download pdf rendition of this guide and a point by point urban arranging their website. Click to extend.

Otalavo Map Overview

Otavalo Markets and their Facts

  • There were a lot of colorful traditional things on marked for sale, and this would be the ideal place to get keepsakes, gifts and a couple of helpful things for your travels. In case you're keen on observing the animal market, this watches out for just be on in the early mornings and it's best to ask locally about which days to visit (for the most part it's on a Saturday).
  • There are a couple of things to find in the territory, including a hole lake, a waterfall and a few galleries. Stay the night and you can investigate these notwithstanding having over 30 minutes at the market! 
  • It most likely isn't shocking that financially made products are included at a "artisan" market. While you'll discover heaps of carefully assembled textile, fired, wood, silver, leather, and metal items, there are bunches of imported and engraved gift things.
  • You should deal with your assets and darling, Because, the Otavalo markets will be loaded with misdirect people's, acting mischievously folks and young ladies to steel your things at the season of Otavalo Market days and on your Otavalo Bus exchange. Be safe and make the most of your purchase. 
Otavalo Market - Few Colorful Products

Nearby Waterfalls in Otavalo Market

In the event that you have any inquiries, experiences in Otavalo market or need an assistance on your up coming outing to Otavalo market from Quito, Just drop a comment in the box below. Will give you a positive answer ASAP.
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